SCORPIONS/Ex-MOTÖRHEAD Drummer MIKKEY DEE Opens Rock Bar In Paris (Video)

April 19, 2019

Former MOTÖRHEAD and current SCORPIONS drummer Mikkey Dee spoke to "The Fernando Rock Show" at the launch of his rock bar, Alabama, in central Paris, France. The bar was opened to the public on April 12 and Mikkey was there to celebrate with everyone in attendance. Check out the chat below. Also available is a video recap of the grand opening.

Says Dee: "Alabama is a tiny bar filled with rock spirit: a fine selection of beer and whisky, great music, and even a jukebox to play your favorite songs on vinyl."

In September 2016, the 55-year-old Swedish musician was named as a permanent replacement for SCORPIONS' longtime drummer James Kottak.

Dee had spent a few months filling in for Kottak before being upgraded to the positon of a full-fledged member. He spoke to the "Talking Metal" podcast about how the transition came about. "Overall, we clicked really right away — all of us together — and it sounded really good," he said. "I was filling in for James; he didn't feel good at that point, and he just needed some time off, I suppose. So that was about it. And then the guys decided to keep me. And I had nothing going at that point. So we just clicked. It just sounded right. And personally, we just liked it all. It was great. So here I am."

Dee admitted that joining a band like the SCORPIONS, which has been in existence for five decades, "is easy to get into but it's so hard to get into at the same time, because they have their routines, they have their way of working and the whole thing, and so do I. So either it clicks or it doesn't, on the personal level and on the musical level," he said. "But here we clicked right away, they loved what they heard and how I played, and so did I. And it was great for me to join a band and play something else as well."

Mikkey added: "After almost twenty-five years with MOTÖRHEAD, playing the same music, playing the same stuff and thinking that way as a drummer, it was a big, big challenge for me, and it was not easy — and it still isn't easy. These guys are very, very… They're great musicians, and they know what they want, they know how to sound, and I have to adjust myself at the same time as they really need to adjust to me. But I think we manage pretty good, and the result is a great, great live show. It's very tight, it's very heavy. I've heard some remarks about, 'Oh, back to the '70s,' kind of, and, 'Really powerful.' I'm giving it my best; I'm giving two hundred percent up there. So it's good."

Inauguration du bar !!

Quelle soirée !!! Mikkey et toute l'équipe ont adoré partager ce moment avec vous !!
Laissez-nous vos notes et commentaires, racontez vos souvenirs, balancez vos photos, on veut tout voir !!
Et rendez-vous ce soir au bar dès 17h pour encore plus de rock'n roll !!! 🤘

Posted by Alabama Bar on Saturday, April 13, 2019

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