SCOTT REEDER Confirms METALLICA Audition, Explains UNIDA Departure

March 21, 2003

Former KYUSS bassist Scott Reeder has denied that his recently-announced departure from UNIDA had anything to do with his failed bid to land the bassist position in METALLICA.

In a posting to the message board, Reeder writes, "[I] wasn't gonna say anything, but people are getting' some crazy presumptions going on about why I split [from UNIDA].

"Pretty funny that I was the only guy in UNIDA that wasn't committed to two bands, and I get accused of not being into it 100%? Just tired of stopping and starting for other stuff. And after all the bullshit that we'd gone through, I certainly wouldn't ask or expect anyone to give up any of their other projects. I wish my brothers the best in everything they do.

"As for the [METALLICA] thing, it's beyond me why anyone would think that I quit UNIDA because I was bummed about not getting the gig. One of their people contacted me a long, long time ago, and I blew it off then, but this time around, I didn't feel like everyone involved had their hearts completely into UNIDA. So when I accepted the invitation with METALLICA, I figured that was the end for me in UNIDA either way - it would've been pretty hippocritical [sic] of me to go on after that. Bummed? Nope — it was a killer experience — imagine getting to jam 'Master Of Puppets' with your heroes... no regrets."

UNIDA have yet to secure a release for their much-anticipated full-length CD, which was originally completed in May 2001 while the band were part of the American/Island Def Jam roster. The album, which reportedly cost $350,000 to record, was produced by acclaimed knob-twiddler George Drakoulias (BLACK CROWES, SCREAMING TREES).

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