Second SCUMGRIEFEST To Combine CD Release Party And Anti-METALLICA Demonstration

June 26, 2003

Indianapolis-based metal band SCUMGRIEF will headline their annual metal festival, Scumgriefest, at the Knights of Columbus, 2100 E. 71st in Indianapolis, on Saturday, July 5. The event starts at 5:00 p.m. and admission is $8. This is an all-ages event, though alcoholic beverages will be available for attendees 21 and up at the Knights of Columbus bar.

This year's Scumgriefest combines a seven-act bill headlined by festival organizers SCUMGRIEF and a "anti-METALLICA demonstration" protesting the release of that band's latest release, "St. Anger". Seven other acts, including Indianapolis-based metal bands DENT, DYSTALIS, PROD, OPIATE and AGGRAVATED MINDS along with Chicago's ORION NINE, round out the bill.

"This year's lineup is a excellent showcase of the best metal bands Indy has to offer," said SCUMGRIEF drummer and festival co-organizer Gabe Senour.

Along with the showcase, Scumgriefest also serves as a "anti-METALLICA demonstration" for METALLICA fans who are disappointed with the band's new album, "St. Anger". Festival attendees can trade in a copy of "St. Anger" for a CD featuring unreleased and demo material from each of the bands on the bill. The collected copies of the METALLICA release will be publicly destroyed prior to SCUMGRIEF's set.

"The protest is a pointed statement directed at a band that has lately made a habit of robbing their fans," said SCUMGRIEF lead singer Jason Lekberg. "As people who define metal by METALLICA's work, this album and their actions over the past few years are a slap in the face. If they expect us to just accept this pile of crap they have another thing coming."

Scumgriefest is also the release party for SCUMGRIEF's second full-length record, "Grievance". The 12-song collection features songs culled from the band's recent live performances, including "Crawl", "Where the Sidewalk Ends", and "Virus". Recording on the CD was done by Jeff Aebi at Studio D in Alexandria, IN, and was mixed by Jeff Aebi and SCUMGRIEF at Gaither Studios in Alexandria, IN.

"'Grievance' is by far the best thing we've ever done, and much better than hitting yourself in the nuts with a hammer," said SCUMGRIEF guitarist Joe Vanmeter.

SCUMGRIEF plan to film the performances of all the bands on Scumgriefest for their home video, due for release later this year.

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