See MACHINE HEAD's ROBB FLYNN In OCEANS' Music Video For 'Everyone I Love Is Broken'

April 30, 2021

Austrian/German post-metal heroes OCEANS have just released their new digital EP "We Are Nøt Okay" via Nuclear Blast. They have also revealed their fourth single, "Everyone I Love Is Broken", for which the band teamed up with none other than the Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) to call out the dangers of rashly prescribed antidepressants. The accompanying music video, which can be seen below, graphically displays the effects of pill addiction.

OCEANS vocalist/guitarist Timo Rotten commented: "Working with Robb and all the other amazing people that contributed to this EP was an experience I will never forget. Everyone was so positive about it and we all put so much energy into this without the slightest hint of hesitation. It's just absolutely mind-blowing to me and I couldn't be happier about how it all turned out. Together we can make a difference and end the stigma of mental health once and for all!"

Flynn added: "The OCEANS team reached out to me with a really unique idea for a song. There was a public blog about depression that anyone could add their story to, the band partnered with the blog and took bits of peoples stories, and from that concept came the lyrics for this song.

"As someone who has battled and written about depression, I know how powerful music can be to fight off the feeling. This song has a powerful message, I'm honored to be a part of this great song."

OCEANS recently announced a special livestream that — just like their new EP — focuses on various topics surrounding mental health. For this stream, the band will join forces with famous moderator and YouTuber Alex Prinz a.k.a. Der Dunkle Parabelritter as their host and special guests Andy Dörner (CALIBAN),Lena Scissorhands (INFECTED RAIN) and Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY),who were all involved as guest singers on the new EP. The stream will start on May 2 at 20:00 CEST on the Twitch channel Der Dunkle Parabelritter. During the stream, fans will have the chance to communicate directly with the band via a chat and all donations made during the event will go to the German NPO The Ocean In Your Mind, which will also participate in the stream and whose work is dedicated to those who struggle with their mental health. During this special occasion, OCEANS will also be play acoustic versions of the songs from "We Are Nøt Okay" and reveal more details about the release.

The "We Are Nøt Okay" EP contains four different songs dealing with all aspects of mental illness. Each track features a special guest adding his or her very own style.

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