SEPULTURA Guitarist Checks In From European Tour With MOTÖRHEAD

December 17, 2004

SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Hello Sepulnets of the world,

"We are in Europe with MOTÖRHEAD and it's being a great tour, we are playing sold out audiences; most important, a lot of them have never seen SEPULTURA before. We did 15 dates in U.K., which is a record for SEPULTURA. We started in Glasgow, MOTÖRHEAD came from some shows in Ireland and met us in The Barrowlands, a place we played many times. I felt a little harder crowd compared to Brazil, where we've been playing non stop and having great reactions from the first song on, in Scotland was a little colder in the begginig, but we did coquered them with old and new songs till we finished with 'Roots Bloody Roots' putting the place down, with a great response and leaving the stage ready for MOTÖRHEAD to kick some ass.

"MOTÖRHEAD and crew are very nice people, making sure we have what we need, with no stupid egotrips getting in the way. Lemmy is dedicating every night 'Going to Brazil' for us and the two Brazilians that are part of both bands' crew, Eddie, our tour manager, and Rogerio, Phil Campbell and Paulo's tech, they also are playing the song that inspired SEPULTURA's name, 'Dancing on your Grave', which is a song they didn't play for a long time.

"We have received many visits from great musicians during this tour, In Newcastle, Cronos and his brother came to see the show, they are together now putting VENOM in the studio to record a new album. Also Simon Philips (AC/DC, DIO) was there. Gene Simmons from KISS was at The Hammersmtih show filming some kind of TV program for the USA, we met him and took some pictures, he was really nice. Doro came to a show in Dusseldorf, Tim Hansen, bass player from MERCYFUL FATE came in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"On Dec. 4th 1984, SEPULTURA played its first gig ever at Barroliche Club, Belo Horizonte, without Paulo… he was on vacation...(???). On Dec. 4th 2004 we where in Magdeburg, Germany where some of our friends prepared a birthday party for us with cake, baloons, noise makers, caipirinhas, etc... Earlier that day Paulo went to MOTÖRHEAD's dressing room and asked them if they could join us to play 'Orgasmatron', since was our 20th anniversary. They agreed with a lot of enthusiasm, it was great, the best present we could get for our 20 years. We did the sound check together and Igor and Mikkey Dee shared the drums. Igor played the snare and hi-hat while Mikkey played the bass drum and the China cymbal. It did work great. Lemmy did not want to sing the song, so Derrick had to learn the lyrics pretty fast. He wrote the lyrics on a big piece of paper and put on the floor so he could read as he sang.

"The song came out perfect, with the loudest sounds coming from the amps and a great vibe on the hall. At the end of the song, MOTÖRHEAD and SEPULTURA's crew, together with some friends came on the stage with the party they prepared during the day. We served caipirinhas to the crowd and everybody on stage, I crossed my guitar with Lemmy's bass, doing the traditional metal pose. It was historical, unforgetable...Back to the dressing room, the cake was waiting to be destroyed, which he was and the party was complete... Phil Campbell already learned 'Roots Bloody Roots' to play with us at the last gig of the tour in Stockholm, I will tell you all how it was next time....

"MOTÖRHEAD filmed their show for a DVD in Dusseldorf so did we. All the structure was there so we did a longer set and film the gig. It was not our crowd and not our stage and lights, so we probably will use some of the songs for this show as a bonus tracks for the DVD we will film in Brazil in March. The plan is to release the DVD at the end of May, tour Europe for the summer festivals and release a new album in October. We are working on the new stuff and we will record in April, May in Brazil.

"Merry Christmas and happy new year for all of you!"

Pictures from the MOTÖRHEAD/SEPULTURA European tour can be found at this location.

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