SEVEN WITCHES Guitarist Reflects On W.A.S.P. Tour

March 25, 2006

SEVEN WITCHES guitarist Jack Frost has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Well, we're back from this amazing W.A.S.P. tour. Without a doubt, it was killer. We made so many new friends. To all of you, thanks for everything and we'll see ya soon!

"I wanted to make a post earlier, but things get nuts in music as I'm sure you know.

"First, I would like to take my hat off to Danny Stanton of Coallier Ent. I've worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, and he is absolutely a gentleman in ever aspect of the word and I'd like to add he's the best booking agent/tour manager I've ever come across. He took care of us like no one else ever has. So if any bands need a no-bullshit, get-it-done kind of guy, contact Danny.

"As for W.A.S.P., all these bands out here may have horror stories about touring with other bands, but not us. The guys in WA.S.P. treated us like equals. Blackie is a amazing front man. AND Hangin' with my old bros, Duda, Patrick, Rayme, Darrell and my new bud, Peter De Wint, was fun every night. The shows were some of the best in WITCHES history. Alan [Tecchio] and the guys were on top of their game each and every night.

"As of now we are getting ready to leave on April 6th for our European tour with DEMON. Should be crushing. As for me, THE BRONX CASKET CO. is very busy too, we'll be doing some LOUDNESS shows and also looking at a European tour.

"I'll be making a statement about a new project I'm doing this weekend . I was asked to join a very well known U.K. band. Even though the WITCHES will take four-month break, I'm not going to, I have to stay busy or I go insane! I will also be playing on Michael Bormann's solo cd. He's a killer German answer to [David] Coverdale. This is a huge honor for me as the man is really talented."

SEVEN WITCHES' latest album, "Amped", was released in the U.S. on January 24 via Candlelight Records.

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