SHARON OSBOURNE On OZZY's Injuries From Fall: 'It's Terrifying When You See Somebody You Love So Incapacitated'

November 13, 2019

Sharon Osbourne says that it's been a "terrifying" experience seeing her husband Ozzy "so incapacitated" after suffering an injury in a fall earlier this year. The singer fell at his Los Angeles home in the middle of the night, aggravating years-old injuries from his 2003 ATV accident that required new surgery. As a result, Ozzy scrapped all his 2019 tour dates, both in North America and Europe, as he recovered.

"It was so quick and he was so sleepy that he didn't instinctively put his hands out to break the fall," Sharon recalled in a new interview with The Sun. "So he then hit his head again, on the corner of our bed, which has a metal frame. I saw it happen but I couldn't get to him in time."

According to Sharon, the first hospital Ozzy went to "said he was just 'badly bruised' and they sent us home. I was thinking, 'This is fucking insane.' He couldn't move his arms and he was in agony," she said. "By that time, it was 3 a.m. and they've got all the usual drunks in there, the car accidents, people everywhere. It was dreadful and they couldn't give a damn."

Sharon eventually took Ozzy to a different hospital, where an MRI scan showed metal bolts, used to reconstruct his collarbone after a serious quad-bike accident in 2003, had dislodged. In addition, his spinal cord was compressed.

"They fixed the collarbone straight away but his spinal cord was so inflamed they had to wait a week to do an operation," she said. "He was in surgery for five hours and afterwards they told us it would take him a year to recover.

"It's terrifying when you see somebody you love so incapacitated," she added. "They can't do a thing, and you're so engulfed with fear that you can't think clearly. So we didn't do any research or ask the right questions. "Now, certain doctors say, 'Well, maybe he shouldn't have had this operation and…' Oh, it's a nightmare. Every doctor seems to have a different opinion."

Earlier in the month, Ozzy has released his first new song in nine years, titled "Under The Graveyard". The track is the first single from his upcoming album, "Ordinary Man", which is due out in early 2020.

The BLACK SABBATH singer collaborated on the album with producer Andrew Watt, who recently oversaw the sessions for a new Post Malone song called "Take What You Want", on which Ozzy contributed guest vocals. That led to Ozzy and Watt working together on Ozzy's 12th solo LP and first since 2010's "Scream".

In addition to Watt on guitars, the LP features Duff McKagan from GUNS N' ROSES on bass and Chad Smith from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS on drums.

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