SHINEDOWN 'iTunes Sessions' Arrives Tuesday

April 3, 2010

SHINEDOWN's iTunes sessions, featuring acoustic versions of eight of the band's songs, will be available exclusively on iTunes on April 6.

The track listing is as follows:

01. The Crow and the Butterfly
02. Breaking Inside
03. The Sound Of Madness
04. Second Chance
05. If You Only Knew
06. Call Me
07. What A Shame
08. Devour

It's going to be at least another year until SHINEDOWN gets into the studio to record its fourth album, but when the band finally does get down to work, it will be the first record to feature guitarist Zach Myers and bass player Eric Bass as full-time members of the lineup. Drummer Barry Kerch told The Pulse of Radio that he's looking forward to making a full album with both. "Eric and Zach are extremely talented and have great ideas," he said. "I don't think it's gonna change SHINEDOWN necessarily, it's always gonna sound like SHINEDOWN, especially with Brent's voice, you know, it's always gonna be SHINEDOWN. But yeah, I think we're gonna have a lot more, you know, piano and synth tracks like we did on this record, but maybe even a little bit more since both Eric and Zach are piano players. It's gonna be interesting, definitely gonna be interesting."

SHINEDOWN's last album, 2008's "The Sound Of Madness", was recorded while the band lineup was in flux, with a number of guest musicians contributing guitar, bass and keyboard tracks to the record. Brent Smith and Barry Kerch are the only original members still with the group.

The band is still on the road behind "The Sound Of Madness", which has sold almost a million copies and features the singles "Devour" and "Second Chance".

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