SILVERGINGER 5 Movie Contribution Confirmed

February 6, 2002

THE WILDHEARTS mainman Ginger has confirmed via his official web site that SILVERGINGER 5's Walk Like A Motherf.cker" has been selected by famed Swedish video director Jonas kerlund for use in his upcoming movie Spun, which is scheduled to feature actor Mickey Rourke and is due later in the year. Other artists appearing on the movie's soundtrack include MOTLEY CRUE, OZZY OSBOURNE and BILLY CORGAN. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spun is "an American Trainspotting, set in Eugene, Oregon," and tells the story of "a young speed freak who is introduced by his dealer to the creator of his favorite drug, which leads to a three-day, drugged-out adventure." The cast includes Alexis Arquette, Jason Schwartzman, Deborah Harry, and Patrick Fugit. kerlund has previously directed promo videos for some of music's biggest names, including MADONNA and METALLICA, and has more than 250 filmmaking credits, spanning ten years, to his name. Says Ginger: "I'm really pleased. He's one of the most talented directors in the business, and has even roped in Mickey Rourke in a plum role." As for how all this came about, the singer stated that "Jonas is a good friend of [SILVERGINGER 5 guitarist] Conny Bloom's, and likes SG5 a lot. When he heard the track, he decided that it was perfect for his movie. Jonas seems to be the kind of guy that puts his money where his mouth is. Let's hope that fate lends a hand and we get some well deserved attention from this break."

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