SKID ROW Guitarist Hasn't Read SEBASTIAN BACH's Autobiography

April 26, 2018

SKID ROW guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo says that he has not yet picked up a copy of Sebastian Bach's autobiography, "18 And Life On Skid Row", insisting that "there are a lot of other books out there that I should be reading first."

Bach fronted SKID ROW until 1996, when he was fired. Instead of throwing in the towel, the remaining members took a hiatus and went on to play briefly in a band called OZONE MONDAY. In 1999, SKID ROW reformed and, after a bit of shuffling over the years, settled on a lineup revolving around the core trio of bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarists Sabo and Scotti Hill.

It took Sebastian four years to write the 448-page "18 And Life On Skid Row" before its December 2016 release. Unlike many rockers, he worked on it without a co-writer or ghostwriter, explaining that he didn't "wanna read some stranger's account of my life."

Asked in a new interview with On: Yorkshire Magazine if he has read "18 And Life On Skid Row", Sabo said: "In all honesty, it's not even a concern. My priority is here and now.

"I chose, a long time ago, personally, that I don't want any negativity in my life. I'm not gonna surround myself with it, and I'm not gonna be a part of it.

"You make choices in life, and that is one that I made and I have held true to that pretty good. I think everybody has.

"I don't wish anybody any ill will, because everyone needs to make a living, they have families and stuff like that, and I hope everybody can provide for them, but what I'm concerned about is about my family, my music family and my family at home. That's it."

Circling back to the original question, the guitarist added: "There are a lot of other books out there that I should be reading first."

SKID ROW is currently fronted by the South African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart, who previously played with DRAGONFORCE, TANK and I AM I. The band is working on the final installment of its "United World Rebellion" trilogy, featuring collaborations with members of SLIPKNOT and HALESTORM. The follow-up to 2014's "Rise Of The Damnation Army - United World Rebellion: Chapter Two" and 2013's "United World Rebellion: Chapter One" will mark the band's first release with Theart.

SKID ROW's upcoming release will see the band reunited with famed rock/metal producer Michael Wagener, who worked on SKID ROW's first two albums, 1989's "Skid Row" and 1991's "Slave To The Grind", as well as 2006's "Revolutions Per Minute".

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