SKINLESS Frontman: New Album Will Contain 'Incredible Dynamics'

March 6, 2003

New York-based death metallers SKINLESS have entered Albany's Max Trax Studios with veteran producer Neil Kernon (JUDAS PRIEST, QUEENSRŸCHE, CANNIBAL CORPSE) to record their new CD, "From Sacrifice To Survival". ORIGIN's John Longstreth will be contributing his drumming talents to the recording, which will include the tracks "From Sacrifice To Survival", "Don't Risk Infection", "Escalate Discord", "Deathwork" and "Miscreant", among others.

"The whole process of making this record has been intense and interesting, we've been working 12-15 hour days and really pouring our souls into it," frontman S. Webber told Digital Metal. "Drums were first to be done and John did an amazing job, really pushing himself to the limit... This record has the fastest SKINLESS parts ever but also has the slowest parts we've ever written, there are incredible dynamics and elements never before heard from SKINLESS...."

Continued Webber: "Guitars are being finished up right now, we have found the perfect guitar tone that simply SLAYS!!! Noah is so metal, there are more metal influences on this record and some grindier parts as well, it lays the groundwork for interesting vocal patterns for me to create...

"We'll be doing bass the next couple of days...I've set up a little pro-tools studio in the back room where I've been gradually doing vocals since the drums have been done, I'm getting deep inside myself, it's frightening what I've found so far...."

"Neil Kernon has been an amazing person to work with, he has an incredible work ethic, it seems he just gets warmed up around the 12-hour mark. He's taught us all a lot, we're ecstatic about having the opportunity to work with him. Our great friend Brett Portzer has been engineering the entire record, he's knowledge and input is invaluable, we couldn't do it with out him!!!"

SKINLESS' "From Sacrifice To Survival" is slated for release on June 3 through Relapse Records.

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