SLASH Says There Is No Room For Drama In His Solo Band

May 3, 2012

Legendary guitarist Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES) recently spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about his upcoming second solo album, "Apocalyptic Love", which will be released on May 22 via his own label Dik Hayd International distributed through EMI.

For the new album, Slash — along with and his bandmates Myles Kennedy (vocals),Brent Fitz (drums) and Todd Kerns (bass) — teamed with producer Eric Valentine, who also helmed the "Slash" disc. All the songs were written together by Slash and Kennedy.

"This has been really liberating for me," Slash told the Orlando Sentinel. "The first solo album was the first time, really, that I was on my own to stretch my wings without the democratic, diplomatic situation you have to have in a band. That went right into working with these guys."

He added, "It's nonconfrontational, nondramatic. I've never been in a situation like that where there's no reason to have an issue about anything. I haven't had this much fun in a band situation since GUNS started."

The liberated feel of "Apocalyptic Love" is evident throughout the LP's 13 songs, as is the genuine chemistry between Slash and Myles.

The evolution of their creative relationship went full throttle since the two first joined forces on Slash's 2010 debut solo release where the ALTER BRIDGE frontman lent his pipes to the cavalcade of venerable guest vocalists which included Iggy Pop, Ian Astbury and Ozzy Osbourne.

"We're both workaholics," Slash told the Orlando Sentinel. "We'd be working six nights a week, then get back to the hotel in middle of the night. I'd have ideas and MP3 them to Myles. There he'd be, sitting at his computer working."

"It's different when you're dealing with people who aren't looking to cause problems, who aren't so self-centered and screwed up that everything has to be a battle," Slash continued. "I'm not saying that about any of the bands I've been in, per se. Rock and roll tends to breed a lot of idiosyncratic stuff, but I've been around to the point now that I don't have time for that."

Photo credit: Travis Shinn

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