SLAYER/EXODUS Guitarist GARY HOLT Collaborates With KHDK ELECTRONICS On 'Paranormal' Guitar Pedal

March 5, 2019

KHDK Electronics has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of award-winning pedals. Created with the high priest of thrash metal Gary Holt, Paranormal is the essence of Gary's sound: distinct, thick, precise with absolute clarity in the mix. The silkscreened art boasts a satanic cat with glowing eyes, inspired by no other than Gary's cat Buffy. The Paranormal is now available for pre-order on

Of the Paranormal, Holt commented: "I had been searching for this tone for decades. When you hear what this pedal does to a stock Marshall head, you're gonna shit your pants."

The Paranormal has been an integral part of Gary's rig during EXODUS shows and the final SLAYER tour. It delivers a full studio parametric EQ as well as an overdrive circuit. The two parts give guitarists unparalleled tonal versatility, ruled by the diabolic trio of all-powerful controls, Mids, Freq and Bandwidth. The circuit emulates Gary's recipe for killer tone, devised in the early days of EXODUS: an overdrive pedal plus a customized studio parametric EQ before his amps. Throughout his career, this signal chain is what made Gary's signature sound and Paranormal is KHDK's solution for achieving it with just one pedal.

Each Paranormal pedal is handmade with demonic care. The circuit was crafted by engineer Antonin Salva who oversees the production and guitar-tests each Paranormal at KHDK's custom shop in Prague, Czech Republic.

KHDK Electronics is a tone lab with the overarching ambition to "make pedals that sound insanely good." Working with world-renowned musicians to develop their products, KHDK stands for an exclusive lifestyle brand which caters to artists who are not afraid to push the envelope.

Paranormal joins the KHDK line which includes "Ghoul Screamer" and "Dark Blood", as well as a fuzz pedal "Scuzz Box", a bass overdrive "Abyss", "No.1" overdrive, and "No.2" clean boost. In late 2018, KHDK also released a limited edition "Unicorn Blood" fuzz pedal.

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