SLAYER's KERRY KING Says His Comments About GHOST Were 'Taken Out Of Context'

July 24, 2015

SLAYER's Kerry King says that his recent comments about Swedish occult rockers GHOST — who share management with SLAYER and have toured with King's band in the past — were "taken out of context."

In an interview with Artisan News, King stated about GHOST: "Dude, I love the imagery… I love it. I just hate the fucking music. I like them [as people]. You know, they've been on many tours with us. I just… I can't [get into their music]. And I tried. I wanna like 'em, and I can't. I got their CD from Brian Slagel from Metal Blade. It was when Gary Holt [EXODUS guitarist] first started playing with us, and I picked up Gary. And I'm, like, 'Brian said this is awesome, man.' So we put it in, going to practice. It wasn't awesome. It wasn't awesome for me. It wasn't awesome for [Gary] either. I'm, like, 'Well, maybe the first song sucks.' [Laughs] And we went to the next one. It's just not for me. I know GHOST is hugely popular, and I'm very happy for their popularity. And, like I said, [they're] the nicest guys you'll ever meet. It's just not my music. And I've tried so hard. [Laughs]"

King now says that the way the metal media covered his original comments about GHOST was overblown. He tells DigBoston: "The problem with doing interviews is that whoever you're doing the interview with may or may not have bad intentions. They didn't see the part where I said they were wonderful dudes. I said I love the imagery. I tried to like their music, but it's just not my thing. Somehow that became 'Kerry King hates fucking GHOST.' Whatever I say is just taken out of context for the furthering of whatever crappy web site they write for."

GHOST's third album, "Meliora", will be released on August 21 via Loma Vista Recordings.

GHOST will embark on the "Black To The Future" North American headlining tour in the fall. The procession will begin at The Fillmore in Washington, D.C. on September 22.

Due on September 11, SLAYER's new CD, "Repentless", will mark the band's first effort without both co-founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in 2013, and original drummer Dave Lombardo, who was fired from the group earlier that same year.

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