SLIPKNOT: Director TONY PETROSSIAN Talks About Making Of 'Before I Forget' Video

November 8, 2005

In a recent interview with Music Video Wire, director Tony Petrossian spoke about the making of SLIPKNOT's video for "Before I Forget", which marked the first time the band had ever performed without their masks on. Asked what the group discussed with him about the video, Tony said, "That conversation actually came up a year ago. When I met the band for the first time in 'Duality', Clown [SLIPKNOT percussionist] and I sat down, and he said to me, 'I have a vision. I want the band to take their masks off,' but because of a variety of reasons, we weren't able to make that happen. We had the same discussion for 'Vermillion', and in 'Vermillion', we went one step closer. They didn't take their masks off, but they put on masks of their actual faces over their masks, and if you watch that video, you can see that they're unmasking because they're taking a mask of their actual naked face, and they're covering their mask with it. You almost get to see them, so the logical conclusion here is the third video we do together, he was like, 'Tony, it's time, man. Let's do it,' and I was like, 'I would love to be the guy to unmask you guys, so let's creatively vibe the challenge, and let's figure out how we're going to do this without actually showing your faces.' Because of budgetary constraints and all sorts of other time constraints, the best, most achievable concept to me seemed to be to do this with a variety of extreme close-ups and out of focus shots so that we could tease the viewer as to their identity, but never really give them their identity."

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SLIPKNOT resumed their tour over the weekend following the death of Shawn "Clown" Crahan's father. The band played Monday night (November 7) in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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