SNAKEPIT Magazine: An Old -School Metalhead's Delight!

February 15, 2002

Snakepit magazine has just come out with its 10th issue featuring 108 full-packed, pro-printed “pure metal” pages, including the following US metal and Euro-metal legends and hopefuls:

RAZOR (8 pages, first interview with ex-vocalist Sheepdog in many, many years),OMEN (5 pages, about theír 80s heyday and their comeback),STEEL PROPHET, HALLOWS EVE (3 pages, they are NOT forgotten, their first interview in years),DEFENDER (Dutch 80's speed metallers),VIRGIN STEELE/BURNING STARR/GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME (3 pages),AZOTIC REIGN (fine Bay Area-style thrash from Sweden),HEXX (3 pages, the 80's legends are back),MORTICIAN/ART OF FEAR (Austria's real metal gem),AMULANCE (3 pages, NOT forgotten US Speed Metal heroes),RIVAL (THE US metal hopefuls),MALEDICTION (amazing French metal attack),Devil's Records special, HANKER (Canadian traditional metal at its finest),KINETIC DISSENT (yes, the 80's Metal originators speak about their career),EIDOLON (the Glover brothers present us lots of news),MYTHRA (5 pages, NWOBHM gem),MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND/ZOSER MEZ (5 pages),WARGASM (3 pages, the nearly but NOT forgotten Thrashers),SACRIFICE (7 pages),PENTAGRAM (the doom metal gods),SACRED OATH (4 pages, great US metal outfit),etc. and tons of underground and established album reviews.

The magazine is available for 5 US $ or 5 Euro from:

Heinz Konzett
Wingat 17
6822 Satteins

Or use Paypal for ordering your copy online at this location.

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