SOCIETY 1 Frontman To Suspend Himself On On Dave Navarro's Internet Show

July 17, 2007

On August 9, from 5 to 6 p.m., SOCIETY 1 frontman Matt "The Lord" Zane will suspend himself on Dave Navarro's talk show.

Matt Zane and porn star Tera Wray will be promoting the new metal/porn DVD, "Radium".

Head down to the Dragonfly if you are in the Los Angeles area (it's FREE!),or watch on Mania TV.

Dragonfly is located at 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA. Phone: (323) 466-6111.

SOCIETY 1 recently posted demo versions of three new songs that will be included on the band's upcoming CD, "Sadist Messiah", on its MySpace page. Also available at the same location is a promotional video of the band, which follows them on tour and features interviews as well as footage of frontman Matt Zane's trademark suspension act.

SOCIETY 1 has yet to find a new label home following its split with Earache but will begin to shop around to interested companies in the near future. In the meantime they will continue to write new music and post weekly clips of current and archived footage that will show some of the more interesting moments within the history of SOCIETY 1.

"People always ask me questions about things that have happened to us while on the road and other various places and wonder if it's true," says Zane. "A lot of the of the action was caught on tape and released through four different DVDs over the years so luckily now I can post some of it and younger fans can see it for themselves."

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