December 31, 2012

John Perez of Texas doom metal veterans SOLITUDE AETURNUS has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding the passing of MINISTRY and RIGOR MORTIS guitarist Mike Scaccia:

"I am by no means the official spokesperson for the Dallas/Fort Worth metal scene, but I feel compelled to speak a few words about this all-too-shocking event.

"Scaccia meant so much to the world but he also meant even more to all of the metal community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No doubt people know of the great Darrell Abbott [PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN] who was also from our scene, but it must be stated that 'round these parts, Scaccia's name was held in equal high esteem. Yesterday's heartfelt memorial service was a testament to this fact and brings to mind the bigger picture of what this is all about.

"People like Scaccia brings us all together in brotherhood and sisterhood through our shared love for music. This brings us together as a community and we bond and share with each other the gift of music.

"Scaccia made us all excited about metal music through his completely over-the-top approach to guitar and we all knew that he was the man to contend with when it came to blistering, 'bee wing' picking. But he was a complete musician and much more than just a thrash metal genius.

"For all of us fellow musicians in the area, he made us proud of the fact that we had not only one of the greatest guitarists in metal/rock history, but TWO of them! And how bizarre that Mike passed on stage, just as our other brother did years back. But we all rest just a little bit easier knowing that he went out doing what he was born to do and on home turf with his family and friends surrounding him.

"I know that my peers around the area are still mourning and still in shock over Mike's much-too-early passing, but we should all feel grateful that we had such a badass and all-round genuine guy to look up to right in our own backyard.

"Our prayers and thoughts are with his family, band mates and closest friends, and I know I can speak on behalf of all DFW metalheads when I say, 'Thanks for the inspiration and memories, Mike! You will not be forgotten.'

"Rest in peace."

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