SOLITUDE AETURNUS Name Album, Post New Song

December 17, 2003

John Perez, guitarist of the long-running Arlington, Texas-based doom metallers SOLITUDE AETURNUS, has issued the following update on the band's current activities:

"Doomed greetings to all! Perez here — I'm over at Robert's secret Coven meeting place finishing the last of the [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] songs to be recorded (now) in February.

"We did a song at a friend's house and added vocals to it, so we decided to post this song on [the web] for the die-hard [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] fans to check.

"So — this song is titled 'Waiting for the Light' [Windows Media] and we're quite pleased with it. Bear in mind that this is strictly a demo — plenty of mistakes on it, plenty of things to be improved on in the real recording of it — but this demo was done in half a day in order to meet a deadline from Olympic Records. Also we have a working title for the album now — you are the first to hear this (and well deserving for your patience!). So the title of the album will be 'Alone'.

"And lastly — the reissue of 'Into the Depths of Sorrow' will finally be available January 13th on Brainticket Records. It will include the entire album with 3 additional tracks. Demo versions of 'Oqaque Divnity' and 'Mirror of Sorrow' (that in some ways are superior to the album versions) and one totally unreleased song 'City of a Armageddon' (from a rehearsal session).

"And for real lastly one plug for my record label. We'll be releasing also the debut of WELL OF SOULS. True and pure epic doom heavy metal that should please all [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] fans! I produced this monster epic in Sept/Oct and I am very pleased and excited to work this album. 'Nuff said!

"Thanks and we are looking forward to a most doomed out 2004."

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