SOULFLY Nearly Done Recording Third CD

January 11, 2002

SOULFLY are nearly done with the recording portion of their as-yet-untitled third album, and are presently preparing to mix the CD for a late spring release through Roadrunner Records. At present time, there are 10 LP tracks and a bunch of B-sides that have been completed, including a cover of PAILHEAD's "I Will Refuse", SACRED REICH's "One Nation" (featuring guest appearances by original SACRED REICH drummer Greg Hall and guitarist Wiley Arnett) and an as-yet-undisclosed Chico Science track. Among the song titles that are set to appear on the finished CD are the following:

01. Downstroy
02. Enterfaith
03. Seek And Strike
04. Last Of The Mohicans
05. Brazil
06. Soulfly III

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