SPIRIT DISEASE Begin Work On New Material

August 30, 2004

Finnish death/thrash band SPIRIT DISEASE have posted the following message on their web site:

"The correct release date [for mini-CD] 'Redemption Denied' is still unknown to us and the label [Vortex Motions Records]. This delay is not a good thing, but we can't really help it. It's not the label's fault, either. The exact details of this shit may be revealed later.

"Onto other things, then. We have been working really hard with new songs for our next CD and they are absofuckinglutely great, much heavier and faster than before. The two guitar line-up has opened up so many new possibilities for us and it feels really great. At the moment it seems that our next CD will wipe its ass with 'Redemption Denied'." New songtitles include "Scared to Live", "Afraid to Die" and "Annihilation".

Formed in September 2002, SPIRIT DISEASE's members have over a decade of experience in metal music. "Redemption Denied" will feature six original songs and a cover of the DEATH classic "Evil Dead". An MP3 of the track "Sadistic Belated Abortion" can be downloaded at this location.

"Redemption Denied" track listing:

01. Everyone Must Die
02. Sadistic Belated Abortion
03. Torment And Pain
04. Horse (Xim Esrepnarouh)
05. Redemption Denied
06. The Extinction Of Subhuman Kind
07. Evil Dead (DEATH cover)

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