STAIND Frontman Launches Label, Signs First Act

October 10, 2002

STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis is following in the footsteps of fellow Firm Management client Jonathan Davis of KORN in creating his own record label.

"I just signed my first band to my record label," Lewis told Launch. "Well I don't have a name for the label yet. It's going under ADD right now, but I'm not sure whether that's finalized. So it's just an undisclosed named record label that is through Geffen/Interscope, and the name of my first band is LO-PRO."

Lewis described LO-PRO, who feature in their ranks former ULTRASPANK frontman/programmer Pete Murray and guitarist/programmer Neil Godfrey, as a mix of electronica "with very heavy grindy guitar stuff." The band actually started off as a duo who recorded all the instruments for the demo in their bedroom. Lewis added that the demo sounds better than 80 percent of the albums released today. At press time there was no word as to when the label will be up and running or when LO-PRO's first full-length will be released.

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