STEEL PANTHER Guitarist Hopes To Have New Music Out 'By The End Of The Year'

March 30, 2019

STEEL PANTHER guitarist Satchel spoke to "Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon" about the progress of the recording sessions for the band's fifth album. "Well, we've got most of the music already recorded," he said (hear audio below). "We're just about to start laying down vocals pretty soon here.

"It's not easy to do records when you're a touring band, and that's what we are — we tour all over the place," he continued. "And so, in order to record, you kind of have to do it in between tours, and sometimes that's not easy to do. Especially with an old singer like ours — our singer's, like, what, ninety-seven years old now. And he gets tired. So you've gotta wake him up. He takes naps. Sometimes he takes naps on stage. It's crazy — I have to wake him up in the middle of a song. But we've gotta get him to record the record in between the tours, so his voice is not always in tiptop shape."

Satchel added: "I think that we'll probably be done recording the vocals over the next month and a half. And hopefully we'll have something out this year, by the end of the year."

STEEL PANTHER is once again working with producer Jay Ruston, who collaborated with the band on all of its previous recordings, including its latest album, 2017's "Lower The Bar".

STEEL PANTHER specializes in imitating and exaggerating the less flattering aspects of 1980s hair metal, with unrepentantly crude, non-PC sexual content as a favorite lyrical theme.

The group's music has been described as "VAN HALEN meets MÖTLEY CRÜE meets RATT meets 'Wayne's World', complete with operatic shrieks, misogyny, shredding guitar solos and libidinal overdrive."

Eleven years ago, STEEL PANTHER changed its name from METAL SKOOL to its current moniker and shifted the focus of its act from ’80s metal covers to originals.

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