August 30, 2004

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE mastermind Tomer Pink has issued the following update on the recording sessions for the group's new album:

"After nearly two months of intense recordings we finally finished the tracking and will be starting mixing this weekend with Grammy award[-winning] producer Neil Kernon at the RaxTrax studios in Chicago.

"It is almost impossible for me to even start explain what is going on in this album as we blended so many genres and recorded so many instruments, from jazz to r&b, extreme metal, folk, progressive rock and super psychedelic passages we have mange to create the ultimate schizophrenic piece of metal art. The album also featuring tons of guest musicians including large choir, strings, percussions, singers, horns orchestra and moreā€¦

"We recorded 9 tracks for this album with overall running time of 70 minutes. We might cut a track from the album to be featured on a limited edition of future EP."

Projected album track listing:

01. Suspended Animation Dreams
02. That Night
03. No Place Like Home
04. Kind of a Blur
05. The Rock N Roll Preacher
06. Wolf Among Sheep
07. Six strings to Cover Fear
08. Awake
09. X

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