TED NUGENT To Speak At Miami University

January 5, 2004

Jon Gambrell of The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Ted Nugent will talk about his political views for this year's Conservative Week at Miami University.

His speech is scheduled for February 19 and will be sponsored by Miami's College Republicans.

Matt Nolan, a junior political science and history major and president of College Republicans, says that choosing Nugent was perfect for the largely apolitical student body.

"When you hear people talking about politics, they just don't care," the 21-year-old from Salem, Wisc., said. "Part of the reason we wanted to bring him is because some people don't like him. We want to counter the liberalism that dominates college campuses."

Miami senior Tamara Matheson, president of the campus group Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said that she objected to Nugent's active role in campaigning for expanded rights for hunters and gun owners, but respected the fact that Nugent uses all of the animals he kills.

"I understand where he's coming from, especially with the antibiotics used on huge corporate farms," she said. "It still doesn't make it right."

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