TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL Members And Others To Perform At Benefit Concert For VIO-LENCE's SEAN KILLIAN

November 6, 2017

Members of TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL, FORBIDDEN, MORDRED, VIO-LENCE and many more Bay Area thrash outfits will perform at a benefit concert for VIO-LENCE singer Sean Killian on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in Oakland, California.

"Killian On Command: An Evening Of Vio-Lence" will see the musicians play only VIO-LENCE material spanning the band's entire catalog of songs written from 1985 through 1992.

Killian was recently diagnosed with stage four liver cirrhosis, which was caused in part by a genetic condition called hemochromatosis. He is currently a candidate for a live donor transplant. A living-donor liver transplant involves transplanting a portion of the liver from a living donor into a recipient whose liver no longer functions properly.

Sean will remain a candidate only as long as he is healthy enough for such a transplant. Sean's blood type is O+ and a matching donor must have type O+ or O-. Once this window closes, he will be reassessed to determine if he will be placed on the official list for a donor liver through UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing).

The "Killian On Command: An Evening Of Vio-Lence" organizers said in a statement: "When our Bay Area thrash family first heard about Sean Killian's stage four liver condition, it sent shockwaves through our community. There was no more commanding stage presence back in the late '80s into the early '90s in the Bay. Sean took a crowd by the throat and never let go for the duration of any show, any time, any place!

"So far there have been some incredible acts of kindness shown to Sean and his family by his ex-bandmates. Phil Demmel [VIO-LENCE and MACHINE HEAD guitarist] and Ray Vegas [VIO-LENCE guitarist] pulled together a very successful golf tournament that raised over $26,000 for Sean and his family. Robb Flynn [former VIO-LENCE guitarist and current MACHINE HEAD frontman] has made a custom 'Killian & Kings' shirt that he is donating ALL of the proceeds to the Killians.

"Now it's our turn as Sean's peers to do something special.

"Our main goals are…

A: Find a liver match and donor for Sean ASAP!
B: Make more much-needed money for the Killians to help them get through this most difficult time.
C: Honor Sean and his legacy with a giant thrash metal party!"

Tickets for "Killian On Command: An Evening Of Vio-Lence" can be purchased at Eventbrite.

The above-mentioned "Killian & Kings" t-shirt is available from the web site of Flynn's Killers & Kings clothing line.

A GoFundMe page raising money for Killian's medical expenses can be found at this location.

The news of Sean's medical condition was revealed this past June by his wife, Dana Rivero Killian. She told the "Thrash Zone" radio show that Sean's "only cure is obtaining a new liver."

The final stage of cirrhosis of liver is considered as the most dreaded phase of the condition. If the patient is diagnosed during this stage, the life expectancy of the sufferer — without a liver transplant — is said to be one year to three years.

"We need to get the ball rolling with this, because there is no cure except for a new liver," Dana said. "And the longer he goes without one, the more his body just continues to deteriorate."

According to Dana, Sean's cirrhosis was brought on by years of heavy drinking. "And I've gotta tell you, listeners out there, you young kids, let this be a lesson to you," she said. "Just simmer down on the liquor, because you will have problems, and you don't wanna be where Sean is. It's horrible."

In addition to Killian, VIO-LENCE's classic lineup included Demmel and Flynn, both of whom are now in MACHINE HEAD.

Megaforce Records reissued VIO-LENCE's classic debut album, "Eternal Nightmare", with a live bonus CD in June 2005. The bonus disc was recorded on December 14, 2001 at Slim's in San Francisco.

VIO-LENCE's lineup on "Eternal Nightmare" consisted of Killian, Flynn, Demmel, bassist Deen Dell and drummer Perry Strickland.

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