TESTAMENT's Billy To Work On Side Project, Follow-Up To "The Gathering"

January 17, 2002

TESTAMENT have posted the following update on vocalist Chuck Billy's condition and the group's upcoming activities via their official web site at www.testamentlegions.com:

“Last week, Chuck's doctors had some great news. The tumors in Chuck's upper body are shrinking, his blood count is looking good, and the levels of the dangerous cancer hormones in his system are very low. That's what we wanted to hear!!! Chuck also got the 'okay' to start physical rehabilitation and singing again. He's going to begin rehearsing for his side project with Steve DiGiorgio [TESTAMENT/SADUS], Jon Allen [TESTAMENT/SADUS] and Darren Travis [SADUS], [for] which they already have nine songs written. The writing process for the next TESTAMENT CD has begun as well.

“Also, rumors about a bonus track on the First Strike Still Deadly import are NOT TRUE. The import will be an 'enhanced CD', with interviews, performance clips, and behind-the-scenes footage of the band put together by Reality Check's production division, RC Media. The exact release date of the import is 'yet to be determined', but we will let the fans know as soon as it is.

“On a sad note... The Billys and DiGiorgios attended [DEATH/CONTROL DENIED mainman] Chuck Schuldiner's funeral earlier this month. Everyone was saddened by Chuck's untimely death, and the Billys hoped to meet his family under totally different circumstances. Also in attendance was [former TESTAMENT guitarist] James Murphy, who is looking great and doing well.

“As the late, great Chuck Schuldiner once said: 'Support music, not rumors.'”

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