THE BERZERKER Complete Work On "Dissimulate"

May 8, 2002

Australia's THE BERZERKER have spent the last few months holed up their studio in Melbourne recording the group's forthcoming album, entitled Dissimulate. Scheduled for release through Earache Records on August 26th, Dissimulate will contain the following track listing:

01. Disregard
02. Failure
03. The Principles And Practices Of Embalming
04. No One Wins
05. Death Reveals
06. Compromise
07. Betrayal
08. Last Mistake
09. Painless
10. Pure Hatred
11. Paradox
12. Abandonment
13. Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (CARCASS cover)

According to an official statement from the band, "these new works are definitely a natural progression from our debut album The Berzerker.

"The production of Dissimulate sees a bigger sounding album, more powerful than The Berzerker. The new material is much more varied then the debut. We have included many different variations of grind beats including Hammer Blasts, Alternate Grind, Hyper Blast, and Triplet Grind, as well as more diverse vocal styles and rhythms while retaining the low/high vocal trade off and machine gun vocals from the first album.

"One huge change for us from the first album is the fact that we have live drums. Our drummer did an amazing job of laying down the new tracks at the most incredible speeds. The kick and snare are still triggered with sounds similar to the first album, but with all the live feel that a real drummer can bring us. We have raised the bar with regard to the speeds previously used in music with this album, the world speed drumming record could well have been shattered... You will be astounded!

"We are all very happy with the new material as it complements the The Berzeker album so well. Lyrically, the band continues to show our disgust at humanity and the world. For fans of The Berzerker, all the speed and brutality remains as strong as ever with the song writing taking on more of a group effort."

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