THE CHARIOT Preparing To Film New Videos

September 22, 2007

Atlanta, GA's THE CHARIOT is having a very productive back to school season. Coming off of a run on Vans Warped Tour, and some festival dates, including Purple Door, Icthus Fest, and Cornerstone, they will soon be heading to their first CMJ festival, playing one of the only heavy music showcases. "Everything we've heard about CMJ sounds very exciting, we can't wait to meet the kids who have been spinning our record on college radio," says vocalist Josh Scogin.

The band has been very busy in their rare off time over the past month, and before heading to NY for CMJ, Scogin — an amateur filmmaker — will begin to shoot the second and third videos off THE CHARIOT's recent Solid State debut, "The Fiancée", for the songs "They Drew Their Swords" and "Forgive Me Nashville". The clips will be filmed in the band's hometown of Atlanta, and will, as Scogin says, "include many of the concepts touched upon in the album, lots of contradictions and mysteries. We're planning to make the video for 'Swords' pretty random, with quick shots and a bunch of different scenes, and the video for Nashville to be an ironic, glorified performance video."

The band's first official music video — for the song "They Faced Each Other" — off "The Fiancée" recently premiered nationally on "Uranium" on Fuse TV, and spent three weeks at #1 on Music Choice. The band has also been working on its own home video series for their CHARIOT-vision channel on MySpace TV and YouTube. There are now fifteen videos up, documenting the crazy antics of tour life, and all the pranks the band pull on each other, including a pair of shoes set on fire, a TV thrown from the top of an abandoned shack, and a homemade music video to "Intergalactic" by the BEASTIE BOYS. Scogin explains, "We were all pretty much class clowns, and we like to keep everything light-hearted. We just wanted to document some of the silly stuff we do since most of it is completely spontaneous. The videos have been going over pretty well, we often have fans coming up to us, quoting something we said, or telling us that they tried their own ridiculous pranks."

Outside of the film studio, vocalist Josh Scogin has been extra busy. He recently headed to Mexico to help out his former band NORMA JEAN, whose vocalist got sick at the last minute. This was Scogin's first time in Mexico, and it was really eye-opening. "The kids in Mexico are crazy and really excited about the music, and they were so happy to see me performing with my old band," he says. "They were so excited, in fact, that they broke the barricades down when we were performing to try and get to us. We were assigned bodyguards who kept things under control, which seemed pompous, but I have never seen kids come at a band that forcefully. There were even kids waiting for us in the airport when our plane arrived in Mexico City."

THE CHARIOT has been on impressive series of tours themselves in support of "The Fiancée" over the past few months, with the likes of MISERY SIGNALS, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, NORMA JEAN, and A LIFE ONCE LOST, and has toured non-stop the last few years with such diverse groups as HIGH ON FIRE, UNDEROATH, THROWDOWN, EVERY TIME I DIE, AS I LAY DYING and GWAR.

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