THE HAUNTED Frontman Says He Realizes Why 'A**holes' On BLABBERMOUTH.NET Hate His Guts

February 16, 2007

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"OK. So here's where it gets good. I'm sitting in the car this morning on my way to town. I pop in a CD in the stereo and suddenly I realize why all these assholes on Blubbermouth hate my guts.

"The CD I turn on is some collected songs thing from Mojo magazine; it's got something like 'The Saddest Songs Ever Made' written on it. Except for three exceptional exceptions by Townes Van Zandt with Willie Nelson, Nina Simone and Elliott Smith — I'd agree on that statement. The artists on that fucking record all sound like they want someone to beat 'em over the head with a broom stick. Why people who sound like they're making music with a sniffle and a little cough is beyond me. Self-pitying posh fuckers with a trust fund and a decorator side-gig to keep 'em going.

"My wife looked over at me and seriously asked me what kind of Christian alcoholic music I put in...

"Blabberfuckers, forgive me. I was wrong, and I now see my error clearly. Given though, of course, that you accept that most of your favourite bands are fucking shite and should all have stayed in the basement. Image over music = pathetic. Sure, I like death metal. Bands like DECAPITATED prove that it's about energy, not about trying to recreate what MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE and MALEVOLENT CREATION were doing 15 years ago. And yeah, a band like GOATWHORE are not very original, but they rock all the same. Hell, I can even enjoy some progressive stuff every once in a while, though it's normally my cup of tea because I lose interest when musician crawl up their own asses ogling their own mad skills... What I cannot stomach are morons who make music as if there are some kind of preset mould by which music should be made.

"Never mind, back to the CD I forced myself through... It was supposedly in memory of Ian Curtis of the JOY DIVISION, whose self chosen death is soon to be exploited in a british film. The legend of this dude makes it all so striking. In a way I'm thinking maybe, just maybe people like him and the Cobain guy might just not have been held for such brilliant dudes if they hadn't killed themselves. The ferocity of Ian Curtis in an ecstasy-fuelled lovey dovey grin? Though I'd personally rather be alive and shunned, than an appreciated stiff, I like JOY DIVISION and the death of Curtis adds to the mystery. There's some kind of nerve and urgency in their two albums 'Transmission' and '...' from the early Eighties. I grew through my teens with those weird drums sounding like paper and the angered primitive melodic quirks of the monotonous geniouses of what later became NEW ORDER. I love Curtis' obsessed voice and desperate urging somehow for attention. Being he complete fanboy I am, I tried channeling his spirit back in '95 when I was in a band called MARY BEATS JANE. All English cornershop crew cut, army shorts, grey shortsleeve shirts and a skinny nitted tie. Metalheads and punk rockers wanted to kick my ass when we played. It was so easy to get people going. A guitarist in a JANET JACKSON t-shirt and golf pants, one wearing Trekkie-gear and playing his cherry red SG as if he fell out of his mothers womb playing it — a dreadheaded bass player who stepped straight out of CRASS and that dude up front looking like a Waffen SS youth brigade kid, in golf socks just to prove his disgust with bands like DOG EAT DOG and the ultra gay quasi NYHC-posing pissed out by BIOHAZARD — just didn't go down too well with the generic 'Headbanger's Ball' crowd. Indoctrinated all ready to go for one more American moronic extravaganza. The post-grungers wondering why AEROSMITH was suddenly wearing plaid and how come that woman with the HUGE mouth wailing 'HEEE-EEE-EEEY WHAT'S GOING ON???' was labelled as grunge by people who were wearing diapers in '88-'89, and why MUDHONEY and SCREAMING TREES wasn't making good music anymore. The metalheads, feeling betrayed by METALLICA, just gave up with that crappy version of 'Anarchy in the UK' that MEGADETH farted at us.

"Bands like BIOHAZARD and FEAR FACTORY? Shit, the only one who even said hi back then were people like Scott and Josh from KYUSS, Robb and Adam from MACHINE HEAD. The rest of the Kerrang!-sponsored brat pack at that point had their heads buried too deep in ugly pussy and coke to be bothered. To me Ian Curtis' voice meant 'Fuck this shit' and it really mattered to me, one of the few things that did. So hearing some artschool student with a thing for fey wailing and sounding vague completely butchering 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' just fucking pissed me off.

"Blabberfuckers, I'm sorry for spewing my emotions into my blog. It's too close to what we all fucking detest. I know you're not all the brightest lights on the Christmas tree of life, but I love you still. Because I know you'd know what I'm talking about and agree that idiots who try to be Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Kate Bush or Nina Simone are going to fail miserably — because those artists have nerve, reality and true soul in their music. Even though it's not SLAYER, it's real, and I respect that. I also know when you listen, you would know that Ian Curtis, Peter Hook and the rest of the boys from JOY DIVISION would have kicked the balls in on complete hogwash like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE or latter-day AFI. Screaming with laughter and bile they'd make turd bombs in paper bags, set em and toss at those pretentious little pricks.

"Blabberfuckers, I want to thank you for reminding me how much I fucking hate that stuff. If you hate me, that is just fucking fine by me, I'm sure I'd probably hate you too. Either way, I feel relieved and really good about accepting the fact that I'm a pretty conservative fuck when it comes down to it.

"Good music is of course subjective. What one dude likes another will dislike. Simple, right? Thing is — we put so much in to the music we like. The last couple of months have been intense for me with hundreds of interviews and the amount of shows we're doing this year just seems to be stacking up, which I think is all great. But for a while there I was feeling kinda worn, thinsliced or whatever...

"Music is so much about identity. For me, it is a greater part of my identity. I don't consider myself being very smart. In fact I've met some really smart people in my day and well, I'm not one of them. They're all people with a great deal of patience and a capacity to take that step back and reflect on what they're about to say. Sorry. I can't do that. I'm sure when I grow old as fuck I might be able to, though I seriously doubt it. However I see a lot of humanity when I tour and when I spend time at home and what I see makes we want to write about it.

"Nobody has to read it. Imagine being someone who get's kinda pissed off at what I write now at 37. Now, picture me at 24 and you get the most self-righteous son of a bitch to walk a pair of shoes. Hell, I spent 10 years of my life on the look out for that straight nosed pretty-boy who sings in the BACKYARD BABIES, I wanted to break his face for this: He was always too clean and his nose was too straight to play sleaze rock and get away with it... How's that for a positive outlook on things? As I said, not always the smartest kid in class..."

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