THE HAUNTED Singer: PRESIDENT BUSH Cashed In On 9/11 Tragedy

October 25, 2004

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving recently answered a fan question via the band's official forum regarding his opinion of George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Asked why he is so anti-Bush and why he is so worried about what is going on in Iraq when Sweden is unlikely to get terrorist attack on it anytime soon (if ever),Dolving responded, "You know, sometimes I wish everything was nice and simple, the way some folks really think they are. Also, I know we've decided to stay the hell out of politics here on the site, but I'll tell you my take on what you asked — here goes:

1. I work with music, ergo I travel. I go where people want to hear me play. I don't much like the idea of any kind of bogus military conflict that might end up with mine or my friends skinny little asses being blown away. OK?

2. Now I love the USA as much as anyone who's ever lived there for any amount of time. Besides, half of my family lives in the U.S. But U.S. foreign policy is just not squared up with my view of fair trade nor my ideals of human worth, dignity etc.

"When I was a little kid I found pics of American soldiers posing by thousands of dead Filipino rebels in my granpa's study from years before WW1 and I started trying to figure out what that was all about, since it just didn't work out with what I'd been taught in school. I took it up with teachers who even accused me of lying... Well, now — several years later, we all know that indeed the U.S. foreign policy has more than a century worth of aggresive military strategy to secure U.S. financial interest. In the Philipines several hundred thousand natives were killed to secure the expansion of U.S. trade in the south pacific. And guess what — the idea of Bush Jr. (or anyone else for that matter...) continuing that great american tradition appals me somewhat.

3. I adore many parts of the libertarian ideals of the 'American' dream. But at the same time I abhor it for its potential for abuse. Because anyone with enough cash could — like a certain president we've seen in action over the last couple of years — manipulate the system and take advantage of it. Good? Well I'm not convinced it's OK that money in singular posession can justify any act.

4. As far as Iraq, I don't take a stand in that issue. The reason for that is I don't know what to ####ing think anymore. On principle I detest any act of systematic violence for its sheer inhumane brutality, but I'm not going to claim I know what situations call for intermediate policing force or who should or should not do what. Honestly I don't know — but at a swift glance it seems to me that Mr. Bush used the horror, sorrow and outrage of the American people after 9/11 to quickly go to war (over-running the UN Security Counsil AGAIN...) and in effect boost his own and his friends/'partners' stock portfolio in oil, security-technology, arms and infrastructural service and technology. Cashing in on a terrible ####ing tragedy.

"Meanwhile — right now thousands of kids — U.S., British, Iraqi, Afghani and certainly several other nationalities are losing and risking their lives because 'The New American Century' with Cheney, Bush, Kissinger and pals in Washington D.C. and some of George's ex-pals from the Saudi desert decide to let the fire come down around us all. I honestly don't think Utah is at risk anymore than Lappland is — whoever blows shit up will do it to cause more woes, they're not gonna give a shit about a potato-field in Sweden nor Idaho...

"By the way, and this is just plain weird as far as I'm concerned... CIA operatives are actually arresting people HERE in Sweden on loosely grounded suspicions of terrorism... this as a result of Bush's 'War on Terror' and The PATRIOT Act — a pile of paper that basically overturns the Bill of Rights — passed by people who didn't even read it...

"I could go on but I hope I've made my case. I'm not in any way Anti-american, actually I'm closer to pro-american. But I do strongly question the justification of corporate-sponsored 'politicians' in any kind of position that touches on infrastructure, public health, ecology, education, general economy, legislation etc. and U.S.-foreign policy in general.

"Now I'm pretty sure George Bush Jr.'s really ####ing funny to throw a BBQ with — but I wouldn't trust the guy with the future of my kids for the life of me — the dude can barely just read himself. And anyone with repeat offenses involving alcohol and drugs who for reasons beyond our knowledge gets away unscathed, in spite of state law — should NOT run a country, especially the most powerful nation on the planet.

"Except for that — I don't care what the man does at his ecological bio-ranch in Texas. I'd join him for steak and beans anyday — but no tongue, mind you!"

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