The IRON FIRE Curse Strikes Again

October 2, 2008

Vocalist Martin Steene of the Danish metal band IRON FIRE has issued the following update:

"Yesterday [the new IRON FIRE album] was ready for mix. The plan was that Tommy Hansen started to mix the album alone and we would join in Saturday and Sunday. Jailhouse studio is located three hours drive from Copenhagen, so we mailed our hard disc with the complete recording session on trough the Danish post service to the studio. Everything was done right and in time so nothing could go wrong, at least that was what we thought.... Just one little detail, yesterday ten a clock when Tommy was supposed to start mix. Which we only have very little time to do, the hard disc was nowhere to be found. Post service claimed that the package was delivered but the studio had not received it. This must be every musician's nightmare. The clock was ticking in the studio (which costs like a fortune a day and we only have five of them) and the music was gone. So, after hours of frustration angry phone calls to the Danish post service, we took a decision to drive to the studio and personally deliver our back-up hard disc, and thank god we had one. The mixing is started today (we hope) only one day late and 500 euros lost. We are sure that the album will be great, but goddamn, it's not always easy to run this circus. Two lessons to be learned: one, always have a back up; and second, never trust the post service. And so the cursed saga of this band continues..."

Songtitles set to appear on the album include "The Beast From The Blackness", "Doom Riders", "The Demon Master", "Hail To Odin" and "March Of The Immortals".

IRON FIRE released its fourth album, "Blade of Triumph", in June 2007 via Napalm Records. The CD is the follow-up to "Revenge", which was released in March 2006 via Napalm.

IRON FIRE issued two full-length albums through the Sanctuary/Noise label prior to signing with Napalm: 2000's "Thunderstorm" and 2001's "On the Edge".

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