THE PROJECT HATE Putting Finishing Touches On New Album

March 14, 2009

THE PROJECT HATE — the Swedish band featuring vocalist Jörgen Sandström (ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE),guitarist Lord K. Philipson (GOD AMONG INSECTS, ex-LEUKEMIA),bassist Michael Håkansson (ENGEL, ex-EVERGREY),singer Jo Enckell (IGNORANCE BLISS),guitarist Anders Bertilsson (RUIN, COLDWORKER) and drummer Thomas Ohlsson (KAMTJATKA, AXENSTAR, SEVEN WISHES, CELLOUT) — recently began mixing its new album with Dan Swanö (NIGHTINGALE, EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH) at Unisound in Örebro, Sweden. According to Philipson, "Mr. Swanö's now got his hands full this weekend for the first corrections of the mix that is needed. He's done an amazing job with the sound but there are some stuff that we are not fully satisfied with that Dan will take care of to try to please our asses."

He added, "The album sounds absolutely fantastic, that's for sure. Once again, we are very happy that Dan is the man to handle the mixing, making this album everything we want it to be.

"It looks like this masterpiece will be fully completed within a week or two, then it's off to Vic Records for printing. Vic's been awesome to us so far, so it feels really great to be on board with them.

"Statik Majik is currently working his balls off with the album cover and the booklet, and believe us — not only have we outdone ourselves music-wise, Statik's been outdoing himself big-time with this beautiful package that is coming your way.

"As you understand, the album is being very close to be completed now and as soon as we can, we will announce the release date and hand you some teasers (perhaps we have some nice surprises up our sleeves until the album is out too)."

THE PROJECT HATE's last CD, "In Hora Mortis Nostræ", was released in September 2007 via Stormvox Records, the label owned by Swedish actor Peter Stormare.

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