THE QUILL Is 'Still Around'

January 23, 2009

Sweden's THE QUILL has issued the following update:

"THE QUILL are — even though it might not look like it — still around. It's true, the last year or so nothing much have happened that could be noticed on the outside, and yes, we've been through a sort of hibernation. But we haven't gave up on the idea of producing a new album and do at least on or two more extensive tours. What's happening right now is that we're recording new songs with new arrangements. That's all that I can say for the time being. I don't mean to be overly secretive, but bear with me; soon there will hopefully come some really serious news about this band that we, the members, love and treasure, and that has so many faithful fans out there. So... be cool and look out for us. We miss you all very much."

THE QUILL in December 2006 recorded a three-song demo in Blomstermåla, Sweden. The tracks "Saved", "Suicide" and "Blow Me (Off The Ground)" were used by the band to try and procure a record deal following THE QUILL's split with SPV.

THE QUILL's fifth album, "In Triumph", was released in April 2006 via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD was recorded at Area 51 studios in Celle, Germany with producer Tommy Newton (VICTORY, UFO, HELLOWEEN). The group's video for the song "Broken Man" can be viewed below.

THE QUILL in 2005 announced the addition of bassist Robert Triches to the group's ranks. Triches joined THE QUILL as the replacement for Roger Nilsson (ex-SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, FIREBIRD),who left the band in May 2005 after almost 12 years and four albums.

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