TIGERTAILZ: A Tiger With Two Tailz

November 22, 2004

TIGERTAILZ, the Welsh band that would prove to be Britain's only real serious contenders in the '80s glam rock stakes, reformed in 2003…and 2004. Now two bands are laying claim to the title and both are recording new albums.

TIGERTAILZ Version I – reformed 2003:

Steevi Jaimz - Vocals
Darayus Kaye - Guitar
Marcus Thurston - Guitar
Gregz - Bass
Ace Finchum - Drums

TIGERTAILZ Version II – reformed 2004:

Kim Hooker - Vocals
Jay Pepper - Guitar
Pepsi Tate - Bass
Mic Hourihan - Drums

Steevi Jaimz fronted the band for the 1988 "Young n' Crazy" album, this record also featuring Jay Pepper, Pepsi Tate and drummer Ace Finchum. Ex-RANKELSON bassist Kim Hooker would take over vocals for the band's most commercially successful record, 1990's "Bezerk", which entered the U.K. top 40 and generated three hit singles: "Heaven", "Love Bomb Baby" and "Noise Level Critical".

The Hooker-fronted TIGERTAILZ features Mic Hourihan, from death metal band DESECRATION, on drums. A new album, entitled "Bezerk 2.0", is nearing completion.

Jaimz's act involves former WRAITH guitarist Greg "Gregz" Russell on bass, ex-TATTOOED LOVE BOYS guitarist Darayus Kaye and former SIAM guitarist Marcus Thurston. The group included the track "King of the World" on a Perris Records "Hollywood Hairspray" compilation. A new album is underway.

BMG Records has announced that the "Bezerk" and "Banzai" albums are set for 2005 re-release.

A detailed TIGERTAILZ biography and discography can be found at Rockdetector.com.

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