TILL LINDEMANN Confirms RAMMSTEIN Will Regroup In September

June 27, 2015

RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann has confirmed to RockSverige.se that the German industrial metal act will regroup in September to begin work on its first new material in six years.

RAMMSTEIN hasn't made a new CD since 2009's "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" and guitarist Richard Kruspe has made ambiguous comments about the band's future, telling Metal Hammer magazine: "I think RAMMSTEIN... those things can never be over. The thing [about] those things is that they develop their own chemistry, their own energy. I think even if we would say it would be over, it would never be over. So if you're asking me if we're doing something right now, the answer is, we're taking time off."

During a discussion about LINDEMANN, his new collaboration with Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN),Till touched upon the subject of RAMMSTEIN's plans for the coming months, explaining: "RAMMSTEIN gets together again in September and we have to look for a new rehearsal room. We used to play in this old and famous club, the Knaack club, but they closed it down because of neighbors and some bullshit, so we have to find something new."

Lindemann also talked about the fact that music has become more disposable, with the majority of younger fans seemingly preferring to download and stream tracks rather than own anything physically.

"It's so easy to get hold of [new music] today and it's so cheap," Till said. "Now you have these DJs, which is kinda cool. Stuff like Skrillex and so on. It's amazing, and I totally like it, and all the dub step and so on, but it's a really strange consuming behavior. It makes it hard to believe in a product and to keep on going with this music. Like with RAMMSTEIN: We go down into the basement and start again with producing an album and you have to go through this… I don't wanna say hell, but sometimes it's really hard to consider yourself in this band situation. Six different persons with different egos and ideas and tastes. Is it worth it these days? [The fans are] gonna download it and they consume it so fast, but I know there's a lot of fans longing for new material, so…"

Kruspe, who has spent the last few months promoting the sophomore album from his EMIGRATE project, recently stated about the creative process in RAMMSTEIN: "RAMMSTEIN is so democratic and often decisions are being made because of the egos, not because of the music and I don't have that in EMIGRATE. It makes the studio experience so much more pleasurable in EMIGRATE than in RAMMSTEIN. But there is a responsibility that we have, being in a band like RAMMSTEIN. So if you're asking if I enjoy recording with RAMMSTEIN, no, I don't."

LINDEMANN's debut album, "Skills In Pills", was released on June 23 via Warner Bros. The CD marks the first time Till has sung in English on an entire record.

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