TOMMY LEE: I'm Not Stuck In A Time Warp

May 6, 2002

Tommy Lee comments on his role as frontman in his current group versus the drummer position he held in MOTLEY CRUE:

"People are surprised. I know I'm a drummer by trade, but no one knows that I have been singing and playing guitar for years. I wrote and sang a lot of MOTLEY stuff on our demos, then [MOTLEY CRUE singer] Vince [Neil] would come in and re-sing the melody I wrote. As a drummer, for me to sing with rhythm is natural, and I knew then one day I'd do something. I knew I had a voice, but never tapped into it while in that band..."

"When I was writing [my new solo album] Never a Dull Moment, I was thinking more about how the songs were going to be live than whether my old fans from MOTLEY or METHODS [OF MAYHEM] were going to like it . There are a lot of people stuck in a time warp. I don't want to have to explain why I'm not writing songs like [the MOTLEY CRUE classic] 'Girls Girls Girls' anymore.

"Never a Dull Moment is me now I'm not going back to dysfunction junction to make other people happy."

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