TRENT REZNOR: DONALD TRUMP Is 'A Complete F**king Moron'

July 25, 2017

Trent Reznor says that Donald Trump is "a complete fucking moron" who lies and doesn't believe in science. The NINE INCH NAILS leader's comments came during an interview with The Village Voice in which he described the current political tenor of the country "disheartening." For Reznor, however, Trump's shocking victory in the last presidential election represented the revenge of the white working class over coastal elites. "When you're not in an urban environment, you often feel left out of the conversation, and I get that. I grew up in that," he said.

In the same interview, Reznor revealed that he spoke honestly to his son about the billionaire real estate mogul when the six-year-old recently asked him, "Donald Trump is a bad guy, isn't he?" Reznor responded carefully. "Look, I don't think he's a good guy. Some people do," he told his son. "I don't think he believes in science and I don't think he believes people should be treated decently and I don't think he tells the truth. That's why I don't like him."

Trent admitted that he found it difficult to be optimistic about the country's future when President Trump's demeanor, language and comportment remain antithetical to what we are accustomed to in a sober and judicious president. "It's tough, because the president of the United States is a complete fucking moron," he said. "That's what gets me the most — that he's this vulgar, grotesque dope, everything I hate in people."

Reznor's latest comments echo those he made in an interview with The Daily Beast last October. In explaining Trump's appeal, Trent said: "I grew up in rural Pennsylvania in a small town, pre-Internet, feeling away from the world. What happened on the television screen was a world away from what was in the range of my experience. I grew up with my grandparents and didn't travel. I didn't look at myself as a redneck or 'backward,' but I know the feeling of exclusion. And when I've gone back there to visit — I still have family back there — I have seen what the housing crisis has done to the small town I grew up in, where the biggest house the rich people lived in on the block you can buy for $35,000 now, and the shadows of the dead coal industry looms over it all. It's an economically depressed area. Living in California or on the coasts, it's easy to lose touch with what a lot of the country is."

NINE INCH NAILS released an EP titled "Add Violence" last Friday (July 21). The five-track project was the second installment in the band's three-part EP series. The first, "Not The Actual Events", arrived last December.

The third is yet to be titled but is expected to arrive by the end of the year.

Reznor has said that all three EPs will connect to tell one story.

The last full-length NIN album, "Hesitation Marks", came out in 2013.

NINE INCH NAILS began a string of live shows last week with a warm-up gig in Bakersfield, California on July 21, followed two days later by the FYF Fest. Other concerts are scheduled throughout the summer and fall.

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