TWISTED SISTER Frontman: 'Heavy Metal Itself, I Always Call It The Cockroach Of Rock 'N' Roll'

May 29, 2009

Chris Kaltenbach of recently conducted an interview with TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On the popularity of '80s metal:

"Heavy metal itself, I always call it the cockroach of rock 'n' roll. It thrives in the corners and cracks."

On teh band's May 30 appearance at Maryland's M3 rock festival at Columbia's Merriweather Post Pavilion:

"It'll be a full-blown, old-school TWISTED SISTER show. Hair, makeup, costume — all the pomp and circumstance. I pride myself in having stayed in reasonably good shape, I still fit in my costume. We go out there and we do a TWISTED SISTER show pretty close to the ones from back in the day."

On the time being especially right for a glam-metal revival:

"People are yearning for a better routine, a better time," he says. "That was the '80s, when the economy was great, the party was raging. Beyond that, there's the ever-present big middle finger — you know, 'We're Not Gonna Take It', 'I Wanna Rock'. Rather than whining and crying about the way things are ... they don't want to cry about it. The band played on the Titanic? Let's rock on!"

On his belief that people want rock stars who look like rock stars:

"I like a lot of the new bands; there's some great music out there. But you never know if you're talking to a band member or somebody from catering half the time. Back in the day, when the band walked in, you knew they were there. They came in, and it was like, 'Holy crap! That's the band.' I think people want that."

On once again having fun making music:

"As an individual, I'm not a glory-days kind of guy, but like anybody, it's fun to revisit. It's no longer our jobs, it's a hobby, so we're fired up, we're happy to be out there. It's not a grind for us, it's fun and exciting.

"And we're friends again. Not seeing each other too often keeps it that way. It's a good night for everybody."

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