TYPE O NEGATIVE's SILVER Speaks Out On Upcoming CD

February 14, 2003

TYPE O NEGATIVE keyboardist Josh Silver recently spoke to Roadrunnerrecords.com about the group's upcoming album, "The Dream Is Dead" and the individual tracks that make up the band's first collection of new material since 1999's "World Coming Down".

The following are the a few select excerpts from that discussion:

On the album title:

"[TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman] Peter [Steele] chose it. I think it's pretty appropriate, seeing as it's our last album for Roadrunner under this contract. I don't think people realize sometimes how much real work and effort goes into making music, it's not just one non-stop party. I guess it's also about perhaps not getting to the level we'd hoped for - being financially secure etc. In 5 years time we'll probably have all gone back to normal jobs... stacking shelves, whatever."

On the album's overall direction:

"I think this album is a more eclectic bunch of material than the last couple of albums. Some of it's punky, some of it's slow, some of it's in the middle. It's a good mix. It wasn't planned, it's just what has come together. We have an identity, a sound, and I like that. It's better than being generic. The ones who really did the rap + metal thing well were RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. The only thing new about nu-metal is the haircut."

On the track "A Dish Better Served Cold":

"This used to be called 'Truth Decay'. Ya know, a play on tooth decay. Did you get that though? We changed it, the joke was based too much on language, people wouldn't get it. I actually prefer 'Truth Decay' though."

On the track "Nettie":

"This is about Peter's mother. He has deep feelings about watching her suffer. He'd like to remove all her pain like we'd like to prevent our parents hurting in any way. At least if you're somewhat sane."

On the track "Valentines Day":

"This is pretty self-explanatory really. It's a typical TYPE O kinda theme. Love stinks."

On the track "I Like Girls":

"Hah! This is a spoof about Peter having a gay man try to pick him up. It's very tongue in cheek. That's what I miss from some of the other stuff we've done. TYPE O was a mix of tragedy and comedy, a lot of humor. Some of the lyrics from this will definitely piss people off. Actually, this is one of my favorite tracks."

On the track "Angry Inch" (cover from 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch')":

"You wanna know what this song is all about? Just wait until the next Playboy spread comes out... ha ha ha. Seriously, we just really liked this, we tried a couple of others but they didn't work as well. It has the comedy and tragedy going on."

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