May 21, 2019

David Lee Roth spoke to Billboard about renowned Dutch DJ and producer Armin Van Buuren's newly released remix of VAN HALEN's classic 1983 smash hit "Jump", one of the most enduring and timeless singles in rock and roll history.

Released last Friday (May 17) through Big Beat Records, Armin Van Buuren's remix sees him putting his signature, uplifting, progressive, trance spin on the iconic rock anthem, kicking off the remix by isolating Roth's classic verse and adding in arpeggiating synths and cowbell for good measure.

The producer first premiered his version at Ultra Music Festival, with a little help from Roth, who told Billboard about Van Buuren's "Jump": "There are places in Texas where you could drive off the road and 20 minutes later I can still see the car. That's like these remixes. You can still kind of see the car and feel the music of the original, but it sure looks different and very far away from what it was originally."

"In terms of professional artistry, you don't always construct," he continued. "Frequently, we deconstruct. We simplify. we got rid of 'the.' It's Facebook. that's a very clear way of describing or illustrating that which I speak of. What Armin did is find the very soul of that and create a boom in the room. It's not just in the bass. There is a belligerent enthusiasm ... You got gotta have it."

"Jump" is still VAN HALEN's most successful single to date, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 along with being ranked No. 15 on VH1's "100 Greatest Songs Of The 1980s." The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum also listed it as one of the "500 Songs That Shaped Rock And Roll" and its music video was nominated for three MTV VMAs at the time, along with winning "Best Stage Performance."

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk

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