VELVET REVOLVER Settles Plagiarism Claim Out Of Court, Awards UK Songwriter Share Of Hit

August 20, 2008

Tony Newton, the bass player and chief songwriter of UK rock band VOODOO SIX, has been awarded a share of VELVET REVOLVER's song "Dirty Little Thing", which appeared on VR's debut album "Contraband". Following a claim brought by Newton's publishers Universal Music, VELVET REVOLVER has now signed over 20% of all royalties on the record since its release on the album in 2004 and as a U.S. single in 2005. The claim alleged that the melody and core guitar riff from the VELVET REVOLVER track was an unmistakable copy of Newton's track "Cyber Babe", which was released in 1999 on the album "Real World" by Newton's former band DIRTY DEEDS. The agreement between the parties covers all commercial uses of the record including live performances and video plays as well as digital and physical album and single sales worldwide.

DIRTY DEEDS - "Cyber Babe": Audio
VELVET REVOLVER - "Dirty Little Thing": Audio

"It was all a bit surreal, really," stated Tony Newton. "A couple of years back, a mate of mine in L.A. called me to say he'd heard what he thought was my song on the radio, and that he had been a bit shocked when he realized it was VELVET REVOLVER. When I checked it out myself, I genuinely couldn't believe it, because it wasn't as if it was close... it was basically the same riff. Anyway, I called my publishers to check whether they knew anything — which, of course, they didn't — and then basically left it with them. I never really expected to hear any more about it and was as surprised as anyone when I heard that Universal had settled with VELVET REVOLVER."

Following the success of the band's debut album "First Hit For Free", which was released in the UK in March 2008 (a wider European release is expected on October 10 via Locomotive),VOODOO SIX is gearing up to take its live show around the UK in support of digital single release "Feed My Soul" on September 29, 2008 on White Knuckle Records through Pinnacle. The tour is in association with Live Nation and is partnered by Planet Rock radio.

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