Video: IN THIS MOMENT Performs New Song 'Legacy' In Dothan, Alabama

September 13, 2019

IN THIS MOMENT played a brand new song called "Legacy" during its concert this past Tuesday night (September 10) at The Plant in Dothan, Alabama. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below.

IN THIS MOMENT singer Maria Brink told the Dothan audience about "Legacy": "It's a very special song to us. It's about all of our close and very dear loved ones who have passed on to the next realm. This is a recent thing for us, and it's still very raw and very real. All of these people were in the military, and, to us, it's something that's very sacred and very special."

Earlier in the year, IN THIS MOMENT announced that it had completed work on its new album, "Mother". The disc was once again recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko.

Guitarist Chris Howorth told the 99.7 The Blitz radio station about "Mother": "It's kind of an extension of [2017's] 'Ritual'. And the reason we thought of 'Mother'… It's a lot of different things, but a lot of the fans call Maria [Brink, IN THIS MOMENT singer] 'mom,' for one. They're always, like, 'Maria's my mom' and 'Mother Maria' and all this. That was always kind of there. We were actually even talking about it for the last album, but I felt like maybe we weren't ready for it yet. But it's also 'mother' in the sense of 'Mother Earth,' the creation of life — all these things that mother has such significance for. Mother is kind of connected to everything. So, in all that sense, it's really cool and it gives us a lot to pool from. And Maria's a mom; she was raised by her mom; everybody has a mom, in some sense. So, that whole concept is kind of what we were going for. With the extension of 'Ritual', the album before, and some of the imagery with that, the ritualistic, pagan kind of feel."

Originally formed by Brink and Howorth in 2005, IN THIS MOMENT released its debut album, "Beautiful Tragedy", in 2007. Their 2014 album "Black Widow" landed at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and No. 3 on the Hard Rock Albums chart.

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