Video: U.D.O.'s New Lineup Performs Live In Slovakia

March 11, 2015

Fan-filmed video footage of U.D.O. — the German metal band fronted by former ACCEPT singer Udo Dirkschneider — performing on March 8 in Bratislava, Slovakia can be seen below.

Udo's 21-year-old son Sven Dirkschneider recently joined U.D.O. as the group's drummer.

Sven made his live debut with U.D.O. on March 6 in Würzburg, Germany.

U.D.O.'s new studio album, "Decadent", was released in Europe on January 26 via AFM.

With recordings having taken place in Udo's current home, Spanish island Ibiza, and also at Redhead Audio Productions in Wilhelmshaven, this new album looks set to be yet another great statement of intent from a rock idol whose place in rock history is already well cemented.

"Decadent" was made available in the following formats: digipak, standard CD, black vinyl, colored vinyl, and as a limited-edition fanbox.

Asked if he felt it was important to deliver a political message with "Decadent", Udo told Music Enthusiast Magazine: "Yeah, and it was not directly planned for this album, but the first idea, lyric-wise, for 'Decadent' was when I saw an advertisement on TV about an organization that works with children. They were showing the poor kids in Africa, the kids that have nothing to eat and looked really horrible, so that was something I chose to write lyrics about."

He continued: "We're living in a decadent world. Let's say Germany or America, they're rich countries, but they have something wrong in this world. That's where I came up with the idea to write lyrics for the 'Decadent' album, specifically the song 'Decadent'."

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