VINCE NEIL Takes A Ride On The Wild Side

January 17, 2003

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LAS VEGAS - MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil is taking his surreal life one step further. The famed rock frontman and current co-star of WB reality show "The Surreal Life" was out in Las Vegas last week for the AVN Adult Expo and to film his first official porn video. [Neil was the unwilling star of a previous porno movie when I.E.G. released a home video of the rocker and porn star Janine Lindemulder having sex on vacation in Hawaii.]

"We're out here shooting the 'Vince Neil Strippers Ball'," Bill Fisher of Fisher Films told Fisher recently produced a 'Strippers' Ball' for Dennis Rodman that aired on Pay-Per-View and Playboy TV before being released on home video and DVD. He has a Jenna Jameson in the can as well.

"Rock n' roll and adult entertainment go hand in hand. The 'Strippers Ball' is a series of videos. Obviously strippers work, they work all week, and we love them for what they do, but they don't get a night of their own. So the 'Strippers' Ball' is the one night for all the strippers to go and have fun and enjoy themselves and see a rock n' roll legend."

"And you get $25,000 and a Jaguar for the first prize," chimed in Vince enthusiastically.

Fisher continued: "Vince's name, the song 'Girls, Girls, Girls' and his image, the whole rock n' roll image that Vince built in the '80s is now turned into the major mainstream epic and we're just showing what's going on with the strippers and all the things that rock n' roll is all about. They say 'sex, drugs and rock n' roll,' well now in 2003 it's just..."

"...Sex, sex, sex," finishes Vince.

So what with the premier of his TV show at the top of the ratings, a MÖTLEY CRÜE reunion in the works for 2004, an opening slot at the AVN Awards, and a porn movie in the works, it sure seems Vince has his basket full these days. "That's right man," grinned the rocker, "it's all one big fuckin' basket."

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