April 5, 2020

PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix has paid tribute to singer-songwriter Bill Withers, who died on Monday from heart complications. He was 81 years old.

On Saturday, the PAPA ROACH social media shared a video of Jacoby singing Withers's classic song "Lean On Me" while driving in his car.

Shaddix said at the end of the clip: "Man, we lost a good one in Bill Withers. I was out going to pick up some groceries for the family and I got a text from a friend. And it shook me, man. I've been singing those words since I was a little kid. And, God, it's so true too, man. We've gotta be there for our brothers and sisters, 'cause if we're there for our brothers and sisters in their time of need, they'll be there for us in our time of need. That's how it works."

Withers was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2015. He won a Grammy Award for "Best R&B Song" in 1972 for "Ain't No Sunshine". That same year, "Lean On Me" went to No. 1 on the R&B chart.

Withers's music has been covered by BLACKSTREET, Will Smith, BLACK EYED PEASTwista and numerous others artists.

On Friday, Sammy Hagar shared a video of him performing an acoustic version of "Ain't No Sunshine" as a tribute to Withers.

Also mourning Bill's death was Lenny Kravitz, who tweeted: "Rest in power Bill Withers. Your voice, songs, and total expression gave us love, hope, and strength. My soul always has & always will be full of your music. Your humility displayed & depth of your power as you carried us all to a better place. You're still & always will be Bill."

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