Watch Pro-Shot Video Of JAMES HETFIELD Performing Acoustic Cover Of EDDIE MONEY's 'Baby Hold On'

September 14, 2020

Professionally filmed video of James Hetfield performing live at a tribute to Eddie Money in February can be seen below. The METALLICA frontman played an acoustic rendition of Money's "Baby Hold On" at The Canyon at The Saban in Beverly Hills, California.

Hetfield wasn't among the announced guests at "A Star-Studded Tribute To Eddie Money", proceeds from which benefited MusiCares and the USC Eddie Money Cancer Research Fund.

Hetfield and Money were friends, with the METALLICA guitarist/vocalist recalling how he first connected with the late singer.

"So I got to hang out with Eddie the last probably three years of his life," James said before playing the song. "I saw the cleaned-up version of Eddie.

He explained that he first met Money at an Oakland Raiders football game where Eddie was performing the national anthem. "I met him before he went out there, and he kinda blew me off," Hetfield recalled. "I thought, 'Who is is this pompous ass?' And if you spot it, you've got it, is what I'm saying. So it was like two big dogs going in a circle around each other, which was kind of funny. I saw through it. I saw through that ego, and he saw through mine, and we got to be friends, 'cause I think our egos matched the size or our insecurities."

AXS TV's "Eddie Money Tribute Concert" premiered in March. Hosted by Eddie's good friend, comedian and award-winning actor Louie Anderson, the two-hour "Eddie Money Tribute Concert" is a heartfelt celebration of the man whose trademark vocals fueled chart-topping favorites such as "Shakin'", "Take Me Home Tonight", "Think I'm in Love", "Two Tickets To Paradise" and "Baby Hold On", among many others, and provided the soundtrack for a generation of music lovers. The evening featured unforgettable appearances and performances by Eddie's family and fellow music legends. The concert included powerhouse performances of Eddie's classic hits such as "Shakin'" by Sammy Hagar, "Save A Little Room" by John Waite, and "Think I'm In Love" by Kevin Cronin and Dave Amato. Additionally, there were heartfelt renditions of "Baby Hold On" and "Wanna Go Back" by Eddie's children Jesse, Dez and Julian Money who made their dad proud as they commanded the stage with one of the night's most memorable moments.

The tribute also featured a collection of moving video tributes from world-class artists Huey Lewis, Joan Jett, Steve Miller, LOVERBOY, BOSTON and Dennis DeYoung, as well as funnyman Kevin James who fondly recalled Eddie's performance at his wedding and shared rare footage from the special day. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also took the stage, regaling the crowd with anecdotes from Eddie's set at the historic US Festival in 1982.

"We are grateful to the incredible artists and industry friends who dedicated their time and talents and came together to make this celebration of his life possible," said Laurie Money, Eddie's wife of 30-plus years. "Their combined energy and efforts helped our family give Eddie a uniquely spectacular sendoff, worthy of the great husband, father, friend and artist that he truly was. Every performance of the concert is a must see and is undeniably straight from the heart. The concert is a testimony that exemplifies how deeply he was loved by the music community."

"Eddie Money Tribute Concert" setlist:

* "Baby Hold On" - Jesse, Dez and Julian Money
* "Trinidad" - Tommy Tutone
* "Walk On Water" - Mickey Thomas
* "Save A Little Room" - John Waite
* "No Control" - Greg Kihn
* "Money (That's What I Want)" - George Thorogood
* "Think I'm in Love" - Kevin Cronin and Dave Amato
* "Wanna Go Back" - Jesse and Dez Money
* "Baby Hold On" - James Hetfield
* "Shakin" - Sammy Hagar with Jesse, Dez and Julian Money
* "Take Me Home Tonight" - Dez and Jesse Money
* "Two Tickets To Paradise" - All

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