WAYSTED Frontman Discusses 'The Harsh Reality'

October 9, 2007

WAYSTED, the reunited mid-'80s British heavy metal outfit led by UFO bassist Pete Way (hence the spelling of the group's name),will release its new album, "The Harsh Reality", on October 29 via U.K.'s Livewire Records. The CD will feature the band's "classic" lineup of Pete Way, Fin (vocals),Chris George (guitar) and Paul Haslin (drums).

In a recent interview with Get Ready To Roll!, Fin spoke about the band's decision to reunite with guitarist Chris George in time for the recording of the new CD. "Well, virtually all of the last tour was a shambles from start to finish, apart from Newcastle and Glasgow," he explained. "For one thing, Pete wasn't well — and that wasn't due to alcohol. He had just had his 'artery malfunction' operation and was not on top form throughout. 'I've got no veins left,' quoteth The Wild One! If anyone wants to donate one or two I'm sure he would appreciate it! Also, we knew at the first rehearsal with Robin 'I Thought It Was A Jammin' Band' George that Robin hadn't done his homework and learned the fuckin' songs. We thought as he had been around them for so long in the production of 'Back from the Dead' and 'Organised Chaos' he would've known what WAYSTED are about, which is no-nonsense kick-ass ROCK!!! Sadly, though, it wasn't to be, hence the tour took on the moniker of 'The Awesomely Mince Tour'.

"Robin comes from a completely different school of rock to us — he is 'pop people' and he just didn't fit in. But we didn't want to cancel at the last moment and piss people off (promoters, fans, etc) so we went ahead hoping Robin would get it, but he didn't. He did a bit in Newcastle but the damage had already been done.

"One example: In the dressing room before one of the shows we thought we would stick in 'Framed'. I ask him if he knows it, play him the riff and then say, 'Just follow me' and he says, 'Where?' 'Nuff said!

"So as we wanted the Glasgow gig to work we asked Chris if he would play it — with Robin to start with — but when Chris arrived it was obvious Rob didn't want to do that. Off he went with his guitar tech back to the hotel saying he was cool about it all and would see us in the morning as we had two more shows to do. When we surfaced he had put all his toys back in his pram and had gone home. On top of that, Pete's health had taken a turn for the worse and we had to cancel the last two gigs. We were not happy about that, to say the least!

"The Glasgow show was great though. Chris was on top form and the lasting impression on him was of myself, having shed the old 'killer in a can' Fin, to the new 'let's do this right' Fin. All he was waiting on was the call and when he got it he was back. We did try out a couple of other guitarists, most notable being Neil Wilkinson, who is a good player and is credited on a couple of songs on the album. But Chris was always going to be the right man for the job."

Read the entire interview at Get Ready To Roll!.

"The Harsh Reality" (cover artwork) tentative track listing:

01. Propaganda
02. Samaritan Man
03. Rockin' the Cliché
04. Keepin' it Sweet
05. Long Time Dead
06. Out of Control
07. It Wasn't Me
08. Song for Steve
09. The Harsh Reality
10. Handbags & Gladrags
11. Can't Live Without Some Pain

WAYSTED recently recorded a cover version of AEROSMITH's "Sweet Emotion" for inclusion on the cover-mount CD (featuring a compilation of rock songs from the movies) that was given away for free with Classic Rock magazine.

WAYSTED's latest CD, "Back from the Dead", was issued in 2005 via Majestic Rock Records.

Watch fan-filmed video footage of WAYSTED performing in Milton Keynes, UK in March 2005:

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