WES BORLAND: I Hate The Term "Nu Metal"

May 9, 2002

Former LIMP BIZKIT and current EAT THE DAY guitarist Wes Borland has posted the following message via eattheday.com:

"It's 4:07 am PST and I've just finished some rough mixes on 7 demo songs that we are planning to turn in to Interscope [Records] at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week. About 3 of them have strong vocal ideas started on them, 2 have mildly developed vocals that have not been thought out much, and we have no idea about the other 2. We aren't sure what it will mean when we turn these in, but if they don't like these songs, they are going to have a real problem, because we like them a lot. I spent all day today at the house tracking guitars over the top of some pretty great room recordings that we lucked into. We hardly even thought about being nit picky with the mic placement, and whaddayaknow.... the room recording turned out amazing for us.

"I also wanted to mention something that has been bothering me about the term 'Nu Metal'. I have never liked this or condoned the use of this term in any way. You might even say that I hate it. I don't understand how so many bands that sound nothing alike can be put into this genre. I also don't listen to any of the bands that are in this genre, except for SLIPKNOT which don't belong in it, because they are a speed metal band. Point is, this is a lame scene. It's a dying scene. It is a bandwagon, and we will not be following it.

"Anyway, enough said, I hope everyone is fighting the good fight out there. The world needs you to bust some balls. —Wes"

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