WHITESNAKE Guitarist, Singer Explain Santiago Cancellation

May 19, 2008

WHITESNAKE was forced to cancel its May 16 concert in Santiago, Chile after the group's lead singer, David Coverdale, developed respiratory problems and was unable to perform. A video message from the band's guitarist, Doug Aldrich, regarding the cancellation can be viewed below.

Commented Aldrich: "I am really sorry that we [didn't] get to play the gig Santiago. It sucks big time. Well, we ran into a bit of rough luck [on Friday, May 16]. The airline that we used to fly from Argentina to Chile changed to a different plane and our equipment got bumped to a flight that was very very late. We had no gear...no guitars no nothing, so [Friday] night the show needed to be moved to [Saturday, May 17]. Then, last night [David] got a really bad cough and had a hard time to breathe, so he didnt get to sleep all night. He saw a doctor, and the doc said he was ordered to rest. Even though [David] would have wanted to play, he has to follow what the doctor said. The shows have been really cool and [David] has been kicking ass.... It's really really a big disapointment for us as we were so up for playing [Friday] night, and then again [Saturday night]. I know we will get back [to Chile] as soon as it's possible."

Coverdale has since issued the following update on his health:

"A 1,000 thanks to all of you sending me such strong, healing vibes... and they are working. I had a good night's rest and the medictations are kicking in positively, thank you. I am sure I will be fine for Lima, Peru [on May 20] and Mexico City. Everyone who came to us play... I can only express my sincere regrets for your disappointment, for I share in your sadness, too. It is never easy to make the call to cancel a show...Not only have we flown thousands of miles to play for you, I know lots of you have traveled significant distances, too. It is a most difficult decision to make. So, in this case, my doctor made it for me. As you know, our equipment didn't get [to Chile] on time from Argentina, so we rescheduled the show for the next night. I was hoping I would feel better, but unfortunately I felt worse. We have experienced the most incredible generous hospitality everywhere we've been so far on out South American tour... better than it has ever been. In fact, we have charted with the new album in Brazil at 36...so, we have been thrilled at how well everything is going...until now, of course. But I am determined to recover quickly and return to performing with my fab SNAKES."

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